Hamptons Relocation Instruction Form???

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Anyone know what this form is? I received it with SARNed documents. It has my name/address then a property sales monitor sheet which shows amongst other things, indemnity amount, indemnity company and note saying "fiche to SA (Sun Alliance) 14/3/95. Could this have anything to do with BS claiming on indemnity?

-- Jen P (jlzmail@adelphia.net), June 01, 2002


Sounds like an internal file note recording action taken to recover money from the RSA under the MIG policy. Crucial point here is that if there was a sizeable MIG payout then chances are that this part of the shortfall claim is now statute barred under 1980 Limitations Act, although we are still awaiting a definitive court case to establish this beyond argument. Have you managed to obtain a copy of the MIG policy and schedule?

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), June 05, 2002.

I am asking again for the MIG information - will let you know whether I get it or whether they refuse for the 4th time

-- jen P (jlzmail@adelphia.net), June 05, 2002.

Just a cautionary note. The MIG portion may very well be statute barred, but the debt simple status of MIG payout's is now being quoted as fact on the site. I think I have nade that asumption without qualification in some of my posts too, and I should know better! This theory came out of legal research done a while back (there is a very long thread where we all argued it through) and subsequent reading of contract legislation which seems to support the position. It has yet to be tested in the Courts. I'n not a betting person, but I am 99.9% sure we are right.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), June 05, 2002.

Spooky - I really can spell......

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), June 06, 2002.

Just keep politely requesting this info Jen, and make it clear in your letter that your efforts to settle the matter are being thwarted by their reluctance to give you full information.

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), June 06, 2002.

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