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I have received a letter from Hammond solicitors (Victoria Steel) in Bradford asking me to fill in an expenditure form. My house was repossessed in 1997 with a shortfall of over 35,000.I received one letter in '99 detailing the sale and the shortfall. This is the first contact at my current address. The letter says that the client (B&B) is no longer prepared to wait for my proposals, and that I must fill in the form and return it. I am gutted. Should I ignore it? I feel at a loss - can someone help me with some advice? I have been using your site intermittently - excellent. Liz

-- Elizabeth O'Neill (, May 31, 2002



You could be admitting liability by sending them an income & expenditure form, see the Do's and Dont's on the repo site, especially " After they contact you and demand cash ". Follow the good advice on this site. You first need to establish whether the BS sold your property for a fair price, so send out SARNS to the relevant people. When did you take out the mortgage, by the way ? If you get stuck just post another message.


-- M Amos (, June 01, 2002.

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