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I'd like to be able to extract tracks from my own VCDs for reuse in new VCDs. It is not obvious to me how to do it. (Do I need to save all my pre Toast mpg1s on regular cds in case I need them again?)

There must be a way. Rich

-- Richard Starr (starrfarr@valley.net), May 31, 2002


Download free software VCDGEAR from www.vcdgear.com and use it to extract from your VCD. It is fast and error tolerate. Good luck.

-- shuo (shuohuang@mail.com), May 31, 2002.

TMPGEnc is what you need.(get this from www.tmpgenc.net/) Simply brouse for the mpg file and then from the file menu select output to wav. Regeard Trev.

-- Trevor Vizo (vizo@bigfoot.com.au), June 01, 2002.

Sorry my friend I thought you wanted audio (must be late I'm so tired). But this is still the program you need to extract video or video+audio from a vcd clip. I use this program all thr time and swear by it. Regards Trev.

-- Trevor Vizo (vizo@bigfoot.com.au), June 02, 2002.

.they both work great.though i prefer vcdgear..it is also available at vcdhelp.com

-- john boy (johnbmx4christ@yahoo.com), June 03, 2002.

Here it is ....the best hint for you !!

Locate the video-sequences on your vcds in the folder called "MPEGAV"...all the tracks are here called avseq01.dat ....avseq10.dat .... depending on how many tracks are on the cd.copy these tracks to your harddrive...there you got .dat-files then which you can simply rename to .mpg under dos !! when you got the folder with the files in located type as follows: "ren example.dat example.mpg" and its done here you got your .mpgs....but you can also use the .dat-files directly to burn m on a new cd if you simply pull them in the list at nero(is what i often use)in the combination you want...by the way nero converts other formats to vcd-compliant too, by simply drag&drop em to the list.

I wish you sucess

-- Mito (gmbierholen@gmx.de), June 03, 2002.

Simply copy your chosen .dat files from your VCD in the CDROM drive, to a folder in your hard drive using Windows Explorer. Then use NERO 5.5 to create a new VCD of your .dat files with a blank CD-R in your burner drive.

-- VCD (VCD@VCD.VCD), June 04, 2002.

i dont know

-- mubeen baig (magnificentws@hotmail.com), May 28, 2004.

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