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Any suggestions on games that can be played with one individual piano student during a private lesson? I have ideas for 2 or more students that can "compete" but need ideas of games for a single student + teacher. thanks!

-- Jeffrey M. Marks (, May 31, 2002



I play many different kinds of "games" with my pvt piano students. I'd be glad to suggest some, but are there any areas in particular (rhythm, notes, signs & symbols, intervals, etc.) for which you'd like ideas? Oh, btw, a "must have" for the studio is the book "Music Mind Games". Check any music catalog (Music in Motion, Friendship House, etc.). There are over 200 music reading/theory games that although geared for groups, I've modified for one student & me. But, you'll either have to buy the available manipulatives (can get expensive) or make your own (what I did). Anyway, I can get you started with some games to get you started. Just let me know what you're needing.

-- Gretchen Taylor (, June 02, 2002.

Games to play with flashcards. tic tac toe, memory, go fish. Another one of my students favorites is piano races. available from music in motion.

-- Shannon Whaples (, March 28, 2003.

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