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I have several questions about the "small" water tender used on the southern/norfolk southern excursions. I have pictures of the "small tender pulled behind the S&A #750 and the SR#722. It wore a black scheme and the SR green during it's career.As i am attempting to model this tender, I'm trying to learn more about it. The number under the "southern" looks to be WT 52. I can confirm the 52, but the first letters are a bit vague.Can anyone clarify the correct number and any other data presented on this tender during the excursion season.My last question is, where would this tender be now, and who were the original owners. Thanks for any input on this

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, May 30, 2002



WT 52 spent most of it's excursion career behind 750 and was always painted black. It read "Southern" in gold leaf with "W.T. 52" below it. 722 had a shorter, taller tender that was green, but I'm not sure of the number. 52 came back to the Atlanta Chapter in '84 with 750 and went to the New Georgia with her. It was also used behind A&WP 290 a good bit after 750 went down. WT 52 returned to the museum with 290 in 1993. It's in great shape and out in the open for all to see. Just hope we get the chance to put it behind a mainline steamer again someday!

Andrew Durden Asst. Mgr., Locomotives Southeastern Railway Museum

-- Andrew Durden (, June 01, 2002.

I'd give my eye teeth (and just about any other body part) to see 290 running wide open on the mainline again !

-- Greg Hodges (, June 03, 2002.

I always "assumed" that the small tender used with the 750 was the same as the one used with the 722 and 630. Would anyone know where the "green" tender would be today. It seems that the TVRM in Chattanooga would have it. I've cheked their web site several times but have'nt found their equipment roster to do any comparring.

-- Robert D. Cashwell (, June 03, 2002.

Robert, The only Aux tender I have seen at TVRM is an ex N&W. I don't know where the 722's aux went. I will try to find out though. I will call Mr. Purdie and see.

-- Mike Aldridge (, January 07, 2003.

can anyone give me any info on WT53

-- kirby grubb (, January 08, 2003.

The water tender that TVRM has is WT51.

-- Alan Walker (, November 27, 2003.

I got a good look at WT 51 in Summerville a few weeks ago, and from its height I'm about 99% sure it was the one that was used behind 722.

-- Andrew Durden (, December 02, 2003.

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