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Hello Everyone,

How does a teacher professionally handle a student going away for two months? I usually ask for my payment to be paid the month of and that they notify me 2 to 3 weeks ahead of time before they go on vacation. My student has notified me a week ahead of time that she is going on vacation for two months. During these two months she is probably going to be in and out. She is not sure. After thinking this thru, I figured it would be okay for me to receive payment weekly during the summer for this circumstance. However, I wonder if there is anything else that i can do to ensure that she will return? Also, should i keep the time slot that i have for her during those two months, or is it okay for me to substitute it with another student's? All feedback is much appreciated!!!

Understanding Teacher

-- Understanding Teacher (, May 30, 2002


I've learned to be more flexible during the summer months, as the usual routine from the school year is gone temporarily. I make all my returning students pay a re-registration fee by end of May to reserve their time slot for Fall. This is non-refundable, so if they change their mind later and don't plan to return, too bad. During summer months, I require students to take a certain number of lessons to keep their Fall time slot (maybe 4 lessons). I send out letters, with the days/times I'll be teaching, and they mark when they want lessons. They then pay for the total summer lessons at the first lesson in

-- alexandra (, June 01, 2002.

I also require my payments monthly. My policy is that if they cancel a lesson, they still pay. I had a student just today tell me that they would be gone for the entire month of July. The parent paid for the entire month, with the understanding that those missed lessons would be made up if time allows in my schedule when they return. In addition, I am holding the student's time spot on my schedule that whole month since they DID pay for it. I will not put a new student in that spot. Hope this helps!

-- C Purtell (, June 24, 2002.

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