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I've composed and copyrighted a perfect level one piano piece which my students love. Like to share it with other piano instructors and their students. Any ideas on magazines that publish new teaching pieces? Would very much like to submit mine.

-- Denise Bruckno (RaydeniseB, May 30, 2002


No idea, Denise; but your post made me very curious indeed! Now I'm eager to see that piece because there is a great need for good material that's not stereotypical and at the same time approaches difficulties from the correct point of view. Is there any chance that you could e-mail me a zipped version or something? Maybe you could make it available in the Net, creating a page or something like that. But please, please, please, send it to me because if your students love it, mine will surely fall on their knees begging to play it! :) Thanks Nuno

-- Nuno Maulide (, June 08, 2002.

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