What is the USOF mapping symbol for diamond pipes?

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What are the USOF mapping symbols for diamond pipes (kimberlite pipes) and how large do the diamonds have to be to be put on the map?

-- Peter Goodwin (Goodwinp@kent-school.edu), May 30, 2002


The 1000 Day Mapping Committee feels it would be a travesty to map even kimberlite pipes, much less individual diamonds, as this would rob the mining and exploration companies of the chance to do what they do best. If diamond prospectors can backtrack to diamond bearing pipes using only single anomalous diamonds swept hundreds of miles from their source by glaciers (as they did in the Northwest Territories), then they ought to find the task here in SE Wyoming purely trivial already!

-- Swampfox (wmikell@earthlink.net), May 31, 2002.

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