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Thanks again for the reply Too scared to say , Just to let you know that the lender had agreed to my ex-partner taking over from the guarantor - the paperwork was all signed and sealed !! Can you clear up legally for me what procedures the lender has to follow after repossession, regarding contact ? The first I knew about all this was just short of the 12 year limit !!

Thanks again

-- not applicable (, May 30, 2002


You are best off reading the site about that post repossession process - I am not a lawyer! Contacting family members seems to be on the increase with the less scrupulous Lender's. They may claim that as your ex's father, (i.e.not as the guarantor) he would undoubtedly have known where his son was and therefore "contact" was made by them within the time limits - not so. If they had no forwarding address for your ex, they are supposed to post the notice of sale on the property. This was never done in my case, but was deemed "insignificant" by the lawyers involved. First I knew of the sale was through the Estate Agents who sold it, as I queried why it was in the paper when I was supposed to be moving back in. The Lender had a realistic proposal to clear the arrears (only a few hundred quid in my case) but instead chose to sell at a massive loss and harass me for 11 years and counting. Don't hold your breath that they will go away. Which Lender did you say again?

-- Too scared to say (, May 30, 2002.

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