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What is the tray life for Ansco 130(fromula from Photographers Formulary)?

-- Velia Ranlett (, May 29, 2002


If you leave it in the tray between sessions, you should utilize some sort of floating lid to reduce oxidation. That said, I have used Ansco 130 repeatedly for up to eight print sessions. As Ansco 130 ages, the image it produces becomes warmer.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, May 30, 2002.

I finished a darkroom session in the early AM and was too tired to pour the chemicals back into their bottles. Somehow I forgot about it the next day, and it was a week before it suddenly hit me. The chemicals were in open trays and of course half had evaporated. At first I was going to dump them, then I figured "Why not try it?" I diluted the developer back to full volume (approximately half strength) with tap water and compensated for the extra dilution by doubling the time in the developer. They were some of the most beautiful deep redish-chocolate prints I've ever seen, with incredible shadow detail. Ever since then I've diluted the 130 to half strength (from the Formulary guideline) and doubled the developing time. Looks great!

-- Bill (, May 31, 2002.

It sounds like the results you get with a highly diluted Glycin/Hydroquinone developer. Maybe the Metol had oxidized and the Glycin and Hydroquinone "survived"?

Here's a formula by ergo:

Water 500 ml

Sodium Sulfite, krystals 60g Sodium Carbonate, krystals 120g Glycin 12g Hydroquinone 4g Potassium Bromide 1g

To be diluted 1+2 - 1+10. Clean blacks with 1+2 and with higher dilutions the results can be sepia-brown. (with Chlorobromide papers I presume).

-- Patric (, June 01, 2002.

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