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I am having my very first piano recital this Sunday! This is going to be so great! I have played in many recitals, but now this is my own, with my very own students! OK, so, my mother and I have been baking cookies and making the punch, I have the custodian pay ready for the church, all the staples are bought, and the program is typed and ready to be printed. But what I am not sure of, and am getting quite nervous about, is WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY FOR AN INTRODUCTION AT THE BEGINNING OF THE RECITAL? Also, I have participation awards to hand out to the students. When would be a good time to give these out? Do I do it right after they perform, or do I call out their names to come up and get them after it's over, or do I lay them out on a table in the back for them to pick up after? HELP!

(I'm getting a little nervous, can you tell?)

I am having a piano party this Friday, and I am going to show the kids how to walk up to the piano and curtsy (or bow, whatever they want, there's only 1 boy), and we are going to run through the show as is printed in the program. Then we'll act silly and eat pizza.

So, what do you think? I want this to be special. Any of your thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

-- Deanne (, May 29, 2002


I know the feeling! How exciting to have your first recital. I used to get more nervous than the students and parents put together, but with experience you learn to let the students shoulder it.

I always do two things when I speak at the recital. At the beginning, I always welcome everyone and thank them for coming. I refer them to the printed program and give them some instructions on when it is appropriate to applaud and when they may take flash pictures (after the recital).

After all of the students have played, I hand out awards. Finally, I thank the students for their hard work AND I make a special point of thanking the parents who have transported, encouraged, cajoled and made music making possible for their children. What a wonderful gift they are giving to their children!

I then invite them to stay for the reception and share their comments with the musicians (I don't say students).

Hope this is helpful. Have a great time!

-- Arlene Steffen (, May 29, 2002.

Great comments, Arlene. I like to say that piano lessons is a huge commitment for parents and students alike...that the money they spend on the lessons and an instrument is small compared to the commitment of coming to lessons, waiting with little ones, working out the schedule.....week after week, year after year. Then the students and I give the parents a hand. I also thank the extended family and friends, without whom the children wouldn't have an audience and all the encouragement they give.

I have made up a handout to give my students (usually several weeks before the recital) that explains the recital procedure. I give it to parents since I have so many little ones, and it's so easy to forget. We go over it a bunch of times at the lesson and then they can practice over and over at home, announcing their name and piece. You know they love that. I will be glad to send it to you as an attachment if you also have young ones who might be helped by it.

Flo Arnold

-- Flo Arnold (, May 30, 2002.

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