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Am currently using Illford Pan F and Delta 100 for general landscape use and am well pleased with both films. Am about to experiment with Cachet Macophat infared as well. I shoot stricly 120 size and use a higher end diffusion enlarger. Any feedback on Zone VI "thin emulsion" film developer? This is a one shot, 2 part mix liquid developer. What is a "high acutance" film developer? Is it suitable for these films? I see a lot of mention of PMK film developer. Would this be a candidate for these films as well? Is there a source for this product? Can both of these developers handle an occational roll of Delta 400? I really want to keep my film type and developer at an absolute minimum/constant so I can continue to refine techniques in the field and printing. Appreciate any feedback? thanks mark smith

-- mark smith (, May 29, 2002


I cant speak to the Delta 100, but Pan F+ in PMK is hands down my favorite film /developer combo for medium format landscape work. I like 8 min @70 degrees. Brook

-- Brook Martin (, May 29, 2002.

PMK is an excellent developer for all the Ilford films. It's a tough combination to beat. You might also consider Pyrocat-HD, the formulat for which you can find at My guess is either would be superior to Zone VI developer.

For PMK pre-packaged and the chemicals needed to mix PMK or Pyrocat- HD, check at

-- Ted Kaufman (, May 29, 2002.

Typically, thin emulsion films are higher in contrast (Tech Pan) and for pictorial results a very low contrast developer is used... ie Pota, Technidol ect. I would pressume that the Zone VI is the same. High Acutance is the sharpening of the outer edges of the grain rendering a "sharper" look to the print. Some people like it, some don't. I like it for some things. If you are familiar with Photoshop, it is like using your unsharp filter in a sense. To answer your question, yes it can be used for your films and it is wise starting out to keep things simple. Calumet carries the Zone VI stuff as I recall.

-- Scott Walton (, May 30, 2002.

OK! I've searched all over the net for Zone VI "thin emulsion" film developer. Where do you find this stuff and information about it? The only "developers" I can find is for prints- sold through Calumet. If it exists, I'd like to add it to my knowledge base. Thanks

-- Garry D. Lewis (, May 31, 2002.

Gary: I purchased the Zone VI film developer from the Calumet catalog (at the same time I picked up the 5x7 VC Zone VI enlarger). I have developed a few rolls of Tmax 100 with this developer (a two part liquid mix). The results seemed pretty good, but I don't have the experience base with it, hence the question on this forum. Apparently thin emulsion developers are designed for slower B&W films when contrast can be a problem. I am now tending toward Delta 100 & PMK developer per recommendation of various threads. I know, indiv. tests are always best. thanks, mark smith

-- mark smith (, May 31, 2002.

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