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What game (form of amusement)has been found in all cultures worldwide?

-- mitch hearn (, May 29, 2002


I would guess some type of marbles.

-- Cathy N. (eastern Ontario) (, May 29, 2002.

Marbles is good but maybe also some type of cards.

-- Joanie (, May 29, 2002.

Mitch, Could it be so obvious as to be word games or riddles?

-- Joanie (, May 29, 2002.

Some sort of ball game, like soccer.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, May 29, 2002.

Then again, maybe some type of skills contest, like target shooting or racing?

-- Cathy N. (eastern Ontario) (, May 29, 2002.

Well, I'd like to think its softball! or something like it with a stick and rag or something. Softball is My sport of choice!!

-- Michelle Thomas (, May 29, 2002.

Thinking of something that doesn't take any equipment....Hide and seek?

-- Annie (, May 29, 2002.

BINGO fer Annie! Hide and seek requires no equipment except yourself.

New question: What does callipygian describe? Without looking in a search engine for an unfair answer.

-- mitch hearn (, May 29, 2002.

Ummm I have no idea..... is a callipy one of those steam powered organs??? I'm thinking not; but if so then a callipygian might be a person who plays it or tunes it................ Makes me think of a surveying term/tool too if that helps anyone else.

-- Ross (, May 29, 2002.

Callipygian is not a person in general, but there must be a lifeform present for it to apply, and some people are blessed with it.~~

-- mitch hearn (, May 29, 2002.

could it have something to do with the tushie?

-- pookie,mn (, May 29, 2002.

Tushie it is; meaning "well formed".

-- mitch hearn (, May 29, 2002.


-- tf (, October 09, 2002.

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