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I would like to know the difference between neraval and sangathi and also between kalpanaswaras and chithaswaras..

Thanks venki

-- venki (, May 28, 2002


You can find the information at Click on Carnatic glossary on the leftside scroll list.

-- Lakshman (, May 29, 2002.

Neraval is extending a line say in a charanam expanding the raga in that line kalpana swaram is the swaram one sing after the neraval.Kalpana swaram frrom the name itself it is kalpana 'karpanai means IMAGINATION from taht omes kalpana swaram using ones imagination singing the swara of that particular raga is kalpana swaram.Sangathi is what has been made as various steps or stages of a aprticular which one cannot alter while singing whereas neraval one is given the freedom to travel in a line in that raga to any extent within the rythm.

difference between chittaswara and kalpana swara is chitta swaram is an already made swaram by the composer,one has to sing the same swara like the song with out any modification where as kalpana swara is made instantly by the singer extempo any note with in the arohana avarohana of a particular raga. I think I am clear in this and clarified ur doubts.Any thing related to carnatic music u can contact my mail id

-- suganthi (, June 21, 2002.

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