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Every other elemental force has its opposite. Why not gravity?

-- (levitate me baby @ oh.oh), May 28, 2002


Tee hee hee

-- (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi @ Magic.Carpets Inc), May 29, 2002.

Antigravity Research

Lifter technology is an experimental form of Field-Effect Propulsion being investigated for commercial transportation and payload delivery applications by American Antigravity. News Updates

May 24th - View High-Res Lifter3 Real Media and Windows Media footage! Click Here [RealMedia] Click Here [WinMedia] May 22nd - Help support American Antigravity by purchasing our research CD-Rom! Click Here May 22nd - Beamships for Sale! Click Here May 22nd - Read the Wired News Article on Lifter Technology! Click Here May 21st - View the GRA Power Supply Lifter3 test! Click Here May 20th - American Antigravity featured as a USA-Today Hot Site! Click Here May 17th - New 6-foot Beamship Videos! Video 1, Video 2 and AEG-Link May 17th - New Fog & Laser Test Videos! Fog-Test1, Fog-Test2 and AEG-Link May 17th - Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide for Lifter Builders! Click Here May 14th - Find out about the breakthrough Betavoltaic power-supply technology! Click Here May 14th - View the amazing Applied-Electrogravitics Fog Test Video clips! Click Here May 11th - Contact Tim Ventura by email. Click Here May 9th - See the new breakthrough Lifter-Craft built by Jean-Louis Naudin! Click Here May 8th - Join the American Antigravity news mailing list! Click Here May 7th - New high-performance multi-cell Lifter video (mpeg). Click Here May 6th - Join the Lifters mailing list. Click Here Lifter Technology

Lifter technology is a sophisticated technology utilizing Field-Effect or Ion-Wind propulsion to create directional thrust. click here Lifter Flight Tests

This page contains photos and information on the April 4th flight-tests performed by American Antigravity. click here Lifter 3 Flight Tests

The Lifter 3 is a larger-scale lifter measuring three -feet on a side. For test pictures and video links on this prototype device. click here Lifter 4 Overview

The Lifter 4 is a larger-scale lifter measuring four-feet on a side. It features 16 lifting cells, and should be in testing by April 29th. click here Corona Photos

Light-enhanced photography lets you view the Lifter's electrical corona. The corona is a side-effect of high-voltage charge transfer. click here Join the Lifters Newsgroups

To get the latest information about Lifter research and technology, join the Lifters newsgroup at Yahoo Groups: Lifters, and join the our newsgroup online at: Yahoo Groups: American Antigravity

Contact American Antigravity

To get in touch with American Antigravity's Tim Ventura, please contact him via email at

The Evolution of Lifter Technology

This article covers the author's background in electrogravity and antigravity research and the development of Lifter technology from the beginning of the concept through current prototypes to designs currently still on the drawing board. Click here

Transdimensional Technologies

Transdimensional Technologies in Huntsville, Alabama should receive full credit for the Lifter versions 1 and 2 designs. For ion-wind analysis and information, please visit their website at TdT Online

Flint, are you associated with these fine folks?

-- (, May 29, 2002.

Gravity is not a force, it is a bending of the space-time continuum.

-- Albert Einstein (you@moron.dimbulb), May 29, 2002.

Imagination is more important tnan knowledge"

--Albert Einstein

-- (, May 29, 2002.

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