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I think the ex-president has finally found his true calling. That is selling cars. We all know about car salesmen. Found this at World Net ______________________________________________________________________

Ex-President tout in the cold

28.05.2002 By DITA DE BONI Former United States President Bill Clinton's endorsement may have helped sell 55 luxury cars for his New Zealand sponsors.

But last night he won hundreds more fans with a rousing speech in downtown Auckland.

Speakingunder sparkling lights at a marquee in the carpark of the Hilton Hotel, Mr Clinton's hour-long speech, which centred on the importance of building a global community, drew impassioned applause and hearty cat calls from the 750-strong crowd.

When the audience, who had paid $800 to be present, were finally seated, they dined on South Island salmon and "tournedos" of beef, with Mr Clinton seated at the top table.

The former President was introduced to the crowd - who had evidently ignored advice to dress down - by MC Paul Holmes.

Holmes described Mr Clinton as a rock star, and he lived up to his billing.

He arrived behind a wall of beefy security men and finished his speech to gasps from women in the audience.

Holmes noted in his introduction that since Mr Clinton first came to NZ, in 1999 for the Apec conference, the country was "still run by women", a comment which brought a cheer from the Prime Minister, but a look of despondency from National Party leader Bill English.

Speaking without notes, Mr Clinton began his address by saying how coming to NZ had rekindled his friendship with Helen Clark, before launching into past links with the car industry.

His sponsors, BMW, seemed amused when he said that his father and uncle had both owned Buick dealerships, where Mr Clinton had encountered "hard and dirty work ... good work, which was good preparation for politics".

Mr Clinton was asked by BMW to launch its 7 Series cars. The company said 55 of the vehicles, which sell for more than $200,000, had sold lately.

But if anyone in the audience was hoping for more personal references to Mr Clinton's time in office - marked by one of the biggest sex scandals to beset the Oval Office - they would have been disappointed.

Mr Clinton chose to spend the rest of his speech - loud and soft at key points, but always in his honeyed southern accent - exhorting the importance of building bridges with enemies of progress.

He touched on progress in East Timor, environmental disasters, September 11, the forces of freedom and free markets, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the India-Pakistan conflict, and the virtues of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Gandhi, whom he described as the "greatest person to live in my life time".

The "why can't we all just get along" speech seemed to strike a chord with the audience, some of whom looked close to tears as they gave their final applause.

-- Bob in WI (, May 28, 2002


He's even better at "selling" other things. Selling cars should be easy! LQ

-- Little Quacker in OR (, May 29, 2002.

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