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I'm an adult piano student... I have a measure where both hands play treble clef. The left hand play a chord, for example, CEF. The right plays an E note while the left hand plays the chord. How do I play the E note in the right hand while holding down CEF (both E is on the same key!).


-- Linda Lee (, May 28, 2002


Dear Linda, I would have to see the music. What piece is it? Leigh

-- Leigh Herbster (, June 03, 2002.

Hi Linda,

I really don't know without seeing the piece... but it's quite often to have to play the same note, in different contexts, in both hands simultaneously! In these cases, the 'rule of thumb' would be, in my opinion, to choose which one is more important - is that chord crucial for the section or is the r.hand playing a smooth melody in which that E is an important part? The more important context should prevail in terms of duration of the note... but both hands should play it, even if consecutively but perceptively. Does this make any sense? Hope it does. Nuno

-- Nuno Maulide (, June 08, 2002.

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