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I have a Canon EOS 1n with motordrive (just cleaned by Canon Factory). I would like to trade for a Pentax 67 body. I am interested in going BIG! Please help me~!

-- blake peterson (, May 27, 2002


Blake, it'll depends on what you intend to do. If your aim is wildlife/nature/action then the Canon is IMO unbeatable. The P67 is good for general outdoor,landscape photography . You can also shoot portraits and close-up photography. It is a big compromise between 35 mm and LF although it might also be seen as a system that has drawbacks from both worlds. Its biggest limitation IMO is lack of DOF (but this is so because my aim is landscape), weight and bulk.

Regards ROberto

-- Roberto Manderioli (, May 28, 2002.

I use Canon EOS as well as a P67. In my opinion they are both excellent tools but you would use them for different jobs. It really depends on what you want to photograph and your style of photography. Even if you are really tight for money I would recommend keeping the EOS, in which case just wait a bit longer. My success rate is higher with the EOS than the P67 due to all the well- known P67 problems - lack of depth of field, focussing difficulty, need to keep the thing really rigid, slowness to set up, about 80% viewfinder (not the 100% of the EOS1) etc etc

-- Kim Fullbrook (, May 29, 2002.

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