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I am currently not a Digital video camera owner, but I am considering a Sony PD100A. I've read it can do single frame animation. Is this true? Single Frame??? As a wannabe up-and-coming animator, this is of great interest to me!

-- Ben Eytalis (, May 27, 2002


I own a Sony VX-2000 and it also says it has single frame advance, but it doesn't seem to be completely true. After viewing films like by Svankmajer and the Quay Brothers I really wanted to make something that look REAL! I started fooling around with figures and clay using the frame advance on the VX-2000. It seems that it is not truely one single frame. It usually advances about 8 times before a second is past, meaning it really advances about 3 frames every time you hit record. It still gives really great quality for stop motion, but I have found that you need to adjust for this extra frame advance. I usually move my "animating" objects a little further to make up for the lose frames. Instead of small fluid movements you need larger and longer fluid movements. If you have the patiences to really fool around with it then it becomes almost second nature to you. You just know how you have to move the objects to get a real feel from them.

-- Tony (, June 23, 2002.

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