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How would you like to go to bed with this...

and wake up next to this?...

This is the same person, Barbara Simpson, a radio talk show host. She uses the first photo for publicity, and calls herself a "princess" or "godess of the night". But when you search a little harder you find out what she REALLY looks like. More like a dog or a cow than a princess!

-- eeeew! (gag me @ with. a spoon), May 26, 2002


I think she's prettier in the second, more natural looking photo.

So you're looking for someone who looks "perfect" all the time? Why don't you just get a blow-up doll.

And btw, how about posting your own photo, so that we may rate it in the same light as you so generously rated Barbara's photo. ;o)

-- (cin@cin.cin), May 26, 2002.

What's that funny rig she's wearing? She looks purty good to this less-than-perfect fellow.

-- (Mr Baldy@ love.for sale), May 26, 2002.

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