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I have not played hockey for over a year, but I am just now wondering how to curve a stick. I have always used an anderchuk curve, and I don't even think that it is NHL leagal. I want to flatten it out so that there is hardly a curve on it so I can try to work on my backhand. A vise and a blowdryer are the only two tools I have acess to, so if I could do it with that then that would be great. Also I want to know what kind of sticks can have the curve changed on them (wood, fiberglass ect.)



-- mike hawk (, May 25, 2002


Yoicks! Buy a new stick.

-- Clutch (, June 06, 2002.

You can use a blowtorch to change the curve of your stick, but it's risky and tends to damage the blade. Don't bother - buy a new blade, or if you're using a wooden stick, buy a new one.

-- Cory (, October 18, 2002.

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