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can anyone tell me if the six year 'chasing ' period can end after bs 1st contact with you is made. They contacted me in Jan 2002, and I have been corresponding with them but have never admitted liability. Six years from sale of property falls in June 2002-can that be "Times up" Fantastic site keep up the good work everyone

-- nick andrews (, May 24, 2002



I think you should read the info on this CML site:

Don't forget that this is a voluntary 6 year period. You say that they contacted you before the 6 years were up, so the aforementioned code unfortunately won't apply. The courts have yet to decide whether the limitation period is 6 or 12 years & when the periods run from. I would follow the good advice on this site. Professional advice can be obtained from the CAB or other organisations listed on the repo site.Good Luck.


-- M Amos (, May 25, 2002.

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