Where so I start to Ride around here??!!!

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I used to ride in the Uk for around 5 years and then moved to M'sia last year. I have just bitten the bullet and got myself something affordable and respectable and now I am itching to get out on the trails. I go out each morning and do a circuit of about 10k's and the heat is just about bearable but, I am sick of the back streets of Bangsar and yearn for some leg breaking, ball acing action! Any one recomend a good trail near by? I am still recovering from a broken leg and as yet my muscles are not quite back up there but I am working on it very hard. I need some riding buddies and a good trail to master! Can any one help me?

Cheers guys!

-- David Walters (gurgah@maxis.net.my), May 24, 2002


Hi Dave

We have a listing of trails near KL on the Trailguide: www.bikehash.freeservers.com/trails. One of the best network of trails is in Bukit Kiara, very close to Bangsar. But if you are recovering from injury or have just resumed mountain biking, you might find Bukit Kiara a little demanding, because the trails are steep and technical. Two other popular but less demanding trails are the Forest Research Institute (FRIM) in Kepong and the Rubber Research Institute (RRI) in Sungai Buloh. Also check out the Batu Dam trails, which are scenic, singletracky, and not too demanding.

You might also want to join the Bike Hash for a ride, but the next one isn't until 30 June. The hash rides are ideal if you are coming back into the sport: the Scenic ride is not too long or demanding, and you can always ride at your own pace even if you decide to ride the Long. The cerebral aspects of trail checking and solving keep things interesting, while the convivial atmosphere of the post-ride drinks is also an attraction. It's a good place to hook up with like- minded riders.


-- Joe (joeadnan@yahoo.com), May 27, 2002.

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