Water witching?

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Second question for the day, anyone do this? Think it's hooha?

I live in an area where springs are common. I have at least one on my property, (I'm pretty sure), but it is a slow seeping one. I can't tell exactly where it is. I've tried digging in spots that stay damp, but have had no luck. I'd love to be able to "tap" a spring here, but have no clue how to proceed?

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow1@aol.com), May 22, 2002


Try it, Patty; what can you lose? I have found talking my face off trying to convince people of the efficacy of water-devining is usually useless. But when they try it, then they see! We gave several 'classes' on suchlike on our farm; even my ol fogey close- minded parents gave it a shot and both found water. Course they thought it was spooky (BOO!!), gave em the creeps, but it's perfectly natural to me.

You can dowse for most anything, with some practice. Some folks are naturally bette than others, like with everything else. We usually just use wire hangers bent to a 90 degree angle. Get ahold of a copy of "Dowsing For Beginners." Its a cheap little paperback, will get you started just fine.

-- Earthmama (earthmama48@yahoo.com), May 22, 2002.

I dowse with bent wire. Or if I have difficulty or just don't want to take the time, I secure the services of the local witch for a pint of whiskey and $20 in two dollar bills (he's odd but accurate :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), May 22, 2002.

Too true, I'll just have to try it! Of course I should probably wait, it's really wet still.....?

Thanks for the advice...hanger, huh? :)

-- Patty (SycamoreHollow1@aol.com), May 22, 2002.

I used to live in PA next door to an Amish Dutchman who would use the forked branch off of a peach tree. Worked for him. There was a time where I needed to find where the water line was and didn't want to start digging aimlessly. I tried it with using the hangers and low and behold it worked! Just cut a hanger and bend it into an L shape, smaller part fits in a loosely gripped fist and the long part sticking straight out. Try doing it over known water source and you'll be suprised. :) Good luck

-- Dave (ddouble@bit-net.com), May 22, 2002.

My neighbor also uses a forked peach branch. He was teaching me to do it, but, instead of the branch dipping when I was over water, it popped up, hit me in the forehead, and knocked me out cold. I found the water, though. We drilled our new well on that spot and its a good one.

-- Gayle in KY (gayleannesmith@yahoo.com), May 24, 2002.

I've done with both peach branch and metal rods. Both worked for me but I like the rods better. They cross each other when you are over water. They even told me how deep to go...............

-- Paul Martin (rpm44@centurytel.net), May 27, 2002.

I want to try this - - I'm not sure I understand exactly how to go about it.

Peach forks - - how long should the branch be?

Metal rods - - Two individual rods. . .or? How do you hold them, straight out in front of you?

Had a lot of trouble digging a well on WV farm, site selected by well- digger went right through limestone and they kept breaking bits. I think they quit too soon, without leaving enough of a reservoir, and that well went dry last fall, ( drought was a factor to, I suppose, but the well IS a deep one), and I would have to wait for water to "trickle" back in to use it. I'm considering digging a new one, and I want it water-witched instead of a digger telling *ME* where to put it without any of this "scientific" stuff. LOL!

-- Granny Hen (cluckin along@cs.com), May 28, 2002.

Earthmama, Bookfinder.com has three different books called "Dowsing for Beginners" by three different authors. Which one do you recommend?

-- Sandy in MN (onestonefarm@hotmail.com), May 28, 2002.

The book we use for beginners is by Richard Webster; it pretty much covers all the bases. I'm not really familiar with the others, sorry.

-- Earthmama (earthmama48@yahoo.com), May 28, 2002.

I use a peach branch about 4 feet long and about as big around as my thumb at the fattest point. (The branch's, not the thumbs) You don't just hold it, though. You have to twist it, but I don't know how to explain HOW in words.

-- Gayle in KY (gayleannesmith@yahoo.com), May 28, 2002.

I found a site that explains it pretty well. I also liked the tip of using woodend beads. Here's the link: http://home.interstat.net/~slawcio/dowsing.html

If anybody tries this, please let us know how well it worked.

-- Dave (ddouble@bit-net.com), May 29, 2002.

My father, 77 years old, has been "water-witching" for 60 years. Farmer friends have asked him to help with finding good wells. He uses dogwood and peach...says peach is best. His brother witched wells too. I've tried and wasn't successful. He says it's electrical current running through his body.

-- Mary Clancy (sprechen@ak.net), July 03, 2002.

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