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I was wondering if all the do's and don'ts apply in TX? If not can you tell me a website for the laws? Thank U.

-- Amy Washington (, May 21, 2002


Good question!

Actually, none of this site applies to the US at all. It's a site for people living in Britain.

Good luck though.


-- Lee (, May 21, 2002.

Hi Amy, Although I agree with Lee that your laws are very different over there, perhaps at least some of the logic applied here could apply there. The basic advice of this site is don't acknowledge the debt until you have made the lender prove their claim. There must be US sites that describe the laws relating to property including mortgages and repossessions. If not, why not start one yourself! What makes this site so strong is the coming together of many people with similar problems. Unity is Strength.

Good Luck - with Dubya I guess you need it.

-- Gordon Bennet (, May 22, 2002.

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