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Well, I've been in 4 countries in a week or so. Those of Scot ancestory will agree, althought he Brit's won't. Then, i did have to stop off in DC. That is a different country. ;<).

It is so wet here that it is not to be believed. The official reporting station says that we have nearly 9 in in May. These, midwest, storms are spotty. My weather station puts us at 18 in in May. I have to finish mowing. Got to go for more fuel in the morning. It hasn't rained since Sat. I am told. I still have standing water in places. I have about 1/2 a of trees under water around the pound.I guess it is better than the drought in the east and the west.

I leave again tomorrow evening, so I have to finish, at least, the 5 or so a that we call yard. I can't begin to mow the back fields until the quail and pheasent have finished raising their young.

Best Wishes,,,,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, May 21, 2002

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