Waxhaw, Mineral Springs

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I will be revisiting the Charlotte, NC area in the near future and will be visiting the old SAL/SCL line from Monroe, NC down thru Waxhaw, NC and in to SC. It has been several yrs since visiting that area and would like a little history. Are the Waxhaw, NC or Mineral Springs depots still around? I do not recall whether or not they were still in existence when I last went there and even though I shot some pictures in those areas, I failed to shot at old depot locations. Where exactly were the stations for these town located and when were they abandoned, destroyed, restored, etc. Are there any know photos of this line anywhere online that anyone knows about?

Thanks for any info. Wilbur Lassiter

-- wilbur lassiter (wilburlassiter296@hotmail.com), May 21, 2002


I'm not sure where the Waxhaw depot was. The Mineral Springs depot appears to still be there at the one red light in the area. The railroad came through this area in 1888 or so from what I can tell on line. I live in Chester, SC and railfan this line rather often. Was just in Monroe recently.

If you need information on current operation, contact me at jchinon@chestertel.com or http://www.fortunecity.com/westwood/vivienne/438/lcrailway.html I'm currently working on a railfan tour of this area and can link you to Tony Hill's self-guided tour as well if you need it.

Joe H. Chester, SC

-- Joe H. (jchinson@chestertel.com), August 27, 2002.

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