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eeeew, would you eat it?

-- (freaky@funky.chicken), May 20, 2002


He's still got some pubic feathers on his back, butthole, and kneecaps. We couldn't get rid of those without completely neutering the little sonfabitch!

We're working on 2 new mutations of chicken, one is all white meat and the other is all dark meat, for those who only like one kind of meat.

-- Colonel Sanders ($3.99 Special @ Bucket o'.Nude Chicken (eat at your own risk)), May 21, 2002.

When I was younger, I was aware of an organization for the prohibition of naked animals. They put large diapers on livestock, for example. If the organization still exists, this must be driving them crazy.

-- Peter Errington (, May 21, 2002.

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