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MIC!!! I LOVED AotCs!!! I got news fer ya Hope I see YOU SOON!!!! You're right!!! Yoda KICKs MAJOR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool!!! Saw spiderman too! Wasn't too impressed with it. I'm not all up on so much character CG! Don't thinkit looks real enough yet to do people, but it was cool! OK neway Bye Y'all!

-- Amanda (, May 20, 2002


Wooohooo! Glad you liked it...I liked Spider Man, but mainly because the story stuck close to the comic...some of the CG was kinda lame, but it was still good! Still to come...MIB II, Two Towers, and next year 2 Matrixes and The HULK!!!!

-- Mic - Master Jedi who taught Yoda (, May 20, 2002.

CRAP!!! How much did I miss you by??? Oh Well!!!

I saw the preview for The HULK! I had no idea it was in the works. Look how behind I am LOL!!! And ya kno I can't wait for Two Towers!!! But I think the reason I wasn't SOOOOO impressed with Spidey WAS that it stuck so close to the comic. I guess I was hoping for something HUGE! But, don't get me wrong IT was cool. The CG part where he was climbing the wall and the "camera" pans around was what I didn't like. Was there much like that in AotCs? I don't remember any. Maybe when Anakin was riding on the over grown kiwi bird lookin thing??? I LOVED the Naboo scenery. Was wondering if Lucas stuck to the classic and used some matte paintings or was it totally CG. It was beautiful. Reminded me of Rivendell. IT DEPRESSES ME to think of how bad the next one is gonna be. Wanna laugh at Mandy moment?? I didn't get to see TPM on the big screen cause leia was newly born (Leia my daughter, Mic U kno that but theres some new people on this board) so I didn't get that experience. BUT I did get to see all the Sp Ed's of 4-6 tho!! I was big as a house preggers tho...neway... When the classic intro came on with all the music in all the grandeur, TEARS CAME TO MY EYES!!! I was back to 1980 with my dad and cousins... *sniff, sniff* Were embarrassing it was!! LOL!!! Hayden Christensen is definately a cutie. Was AMAZING to see "Vader" in the same spot on the hill and in the same crappy workshop as Luke, all the while thinking that Luke will never know this. I was blown away by such as that. I DID NOT like all the campy jokes around every corner, that kinda threw me. I know Leia did it and Han did it a lot, but it kinda fit better than what went on in this episode. Think if I have another child (NOT ANYTIME SOON) if its a boy I'll follow suit and name it Anakin LOL! Maybe Luke, hum..... Han is nice too! What about Lando??? OH yeah!! The whole thing with Boba Fett and the clones flipped me out!!! thats why I WANNA FIND YE!!! Me need MORE KNOWLEDGE!!!


-- Amanda (, May 20, 2002.

P.S. I just went back and re-read my post here. If any of you do take the time to go thru it, Bill Me for the Dramamine. Feel like I've rode a BAD rollercoaster... Sorry bout the background LOL! feeling a lil green......... HUU....plooooo *flush*

-- Amanda (, May 20, 2002.

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