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This isn't a war about religion. It's a war started by the Have-Not's against the Haves. Religion just so happens to be a handy and "righteous" excuse.

Since the Have-Not's can't possibly rise to our level of opulence within the near-term, it's their intention to bring us down to their socio-economic level, hence their initial attack on our financial center in NYC.

The Have-Not's are a patient people. They have waited and watched, studied their effect on our economy and our psyche to target their next attack to where we remain most vulnerable.

When our economy started to wobble after 9-11, our Fearless Leader told the 'Merican People to go out and SHOP to stimulate the economy...Go out and have fun and keep on bein' 'Mericans!

Bingo...Target Number Two has just been identified.

Hit the Mall of America in Minnesota, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and the Galleria in Houston...include big tourist attractions like Disneyland, Six Flags, Yellowstone, etc....and don't forget national sporting events and Big-Name concerts. If the discretionary spending of our pleasurable pasttimes is what's keeping things afloat, then doing away with it is all that's needed to push our economy - and our collective psyche - over the edge.

Yup, they intend to hit us where we live....but it won't be in any Apartment Buildings!

-- Other (Shoe@Dropping.com), May 20, 2002


Which manual did you get that from, stupid infidel? Jihad is a religious war. We are cleansing the world of ungodly, satanic persons such as you. You think you can buy us off with your Western materialism? You are a walking dead person.

-- (Mullah Masoud @ Mecca.making martyr bombs), May 20, 2002.

Hey Mullah dude, you need to buy some clues. You and your goat fucking, beetle eating, raghead buds are about to enter the big leagues, where you will be exterminated to the point of extinction. You have opened up a very lethal can of worms and you will soon be nothing but bait.

Bend over Masoud and donít bother to check your compass!!!

-- Muslims (make@great.chum), May 20, 2002.

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