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I have recently decided to sell Tupperware again after about a seven year hiatus. I am really excited about it. It turns out that I will be the only dealer in a three or four county area. I absolutely love the product. This is going to give me a truly open market. I will also have a website address shortly. If you have used tupperware and liked it or hated it, I would appreciate knowing why? It will help me develop my sales technique. So how about ya'll being Joe Q. Public for me and help me out? Also, if you had to choose a way to buy tupperware what would it be? Thanks ahead of time.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit farm (Bittlelitfarm@aol.com), May 20, 2002


I used to sell Tupperware, did well, I loved it, then, now I have very little and don't want any more. I'm trying to use less plastic. My favorites are the Wonderlier bowls, qt and gal measuring pitcher and the yellow strainer. I like some of the gadgets/doo-dads they give at parties, the orange peeler is my favorite. My least favorite is that poor excuse of a pastry sheet they replaced the really nice ones with(of course they may have come to their senses by now). The party plan is nice for most. Guess I just got burned out on it.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony_1@yahoo.com), May 21, 2002.

I never liked the party plan--like any network marketing, it is too easy to lose friends. I never minded being handed a catalogue, though-- less intrusive. In our area, it is sold in the malls at kiosks.

Good luck with it!

-- GT (nospam@nospam.com), May 21, 2002.

Little Bit-----I finally found my way over here to Lusenet----this poor old woman can really get lost any more---ha!

Now back to tupperware---Hubby & I have been together 25 years now--- but the first thing he asked me /when we got married was----DO NOT EVER HAVE A TUPPERWARE PARTY!!!!!! His ex-wife had spent a fortune on tupperware & used it to feed the dogs in & she never took care of anything--but had tupperware parties all the time---- The only tubberware I have /I have bought at garage sales!!!!!! When I tell this story I have been told my many---that their hubby feels the same way---- Maybe the best plan is to sell by catolog---- I think my favorite piece is the relish plate with all the dividers & the cover-- I swear/ I use it ever church dinner--or family dinner-- Best wishes!!!

-- Sonda (sgbruce@birch.net), May 26, 2002.

I like Tupperware, but I do have lids splitting on several canisters. Such a hassle for a single man out of the "party" loop to try to even find a dealer to replace them. By party loop I'm speaking of Tupperware party of course. (wink)

I especially like the lettuce keeper bowl, and the large ? salad bowl. I've shopped catalogs a few times, but have never been invited to a party. I think you ladies are missing out on a lot of sales by not inviting husbands and singles.

I do wish Tupperware could do something to prevent blistered products when they are used in the microwave.

-- Notforprint (Not@thekeyboard.com), June 03, 2002.

Little Bit, I sure need some Tupperware! Will your website have it for sale or is that a no-no? We are so far out that a "party" isn't an option. Thanks for the heads up. LQ

-- Little Quacker in OR (carouselxing@juno.com), June 04, 2002.

NotForPrint, if you will e-mail me I'll do something about getting those lids replaced for ya. Tupperware does have several product specifically for the microwave now. But I know what you mean. I just like to be able to stick any old thing in the mic(mice? Mike?)

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit farm (Bittlelitfarm@aol.com), June 07, 2002.

Where does one order the tupperware orange peelers? We have one we got at a garage sale and we want more for partys and stuff... we love ours.

-- James Manser (echidna5@aol.com), December 08, 2003.

Hey there I just had to put up a response! I am a Tupperware Dealer in Australia and I think that it's one of the best things I could have done! I have never believed that Tupperware or the Party Plan was a bad thing - it's the best place to get service from a demonstrator in either product selection and purchase and replacements. Tupperware blisters and splits and breaks when users aren't informed as to how to properly select and use a product. there are Tupperware items that you can bang into the microwave and they are fine - u just gotta use it properly!! I wish you the best of luck. Need any Aussie help i will be glad to pass something on.

Good Luck!

-- Simon B (simonb82@ihug.com.au), April 05, 2004.

I love the vintage tupperware from the sixties. The pastel colored bowls, tumblers, glasses, etc. Has the company ever re-manufactured these past styles? I think they would definately sell. They should go back to basics.

-- (gew1950@yahoo.com), June 12, 2004.

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