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I've been cleaning out the barn/garage, and finding lots of interesting tools, and things whose original ( or current) purpose eludes me.

For example. There is a round pan kind of thing. Probably a foot or more in diameter, and about 3-4 inches tall, with holes in it. Like swiss cheese holes, and it has a long wooden handle, probably about four feet. The holes are not small, like you would think if it was to be used as some kind of skimming tool. The holes are probably at least a half inch round. The pan itself is some kind of metal. Thick but not heavy. The handle went from left to right ACROSS the pan. Don't know if that is the correct use position or not?

Also - - Some kind of grain grinder? It is about 9 or 10 inches not quite square, made of cast metal, two short legs with screw/bolt holes on one end, one leg with hole on the other end, so it appears as if to use it you would desire to secure it to a workbench. It has a chute about 21/2 inches tall and around 2 by 3 or a little larger rectangle which would be for putting what you were grinding into the thing. It has a grinding mechanism inside that runs the length of the unit, turned by a crank on the outside. It has two latches which allow the top to be opened and laid back flat with the bottom. It has a patent date of 1859, renewed 1873.

Quite a few thick heavy wrenches in various sizes that are crooked. Not like a modern wrench with one size on one end the other size straight across. These are crooked on purpose.

Quite a few interesting things. If I could put up pictures we could play "Name that Tool" ! ! LOL

-- Granny Hen (cluckin along@cs. com), May 19, 2002


would be fun playing "name that tool", but the first one,, could it be a bedwarmer? how about a skimmer for maple syrup? holes on that are pretty large. but the 4 foot handle seems like a bedwarmer to me

-- Stan (, May 19, 2002.

Hi Granny, It sounds like you've got quite a collection! I don't have a clue on the first item but Stan's theory sounds pretty good. I too have those funny shaped wrenches, the old timers around say they were for working on the old tractors but I'm not sure if they're just pulling my leg. Does that grinder have the plates with holes on the front? If it does then I'd say it's an old meat grinder for making sausage. Could you post any pics or a link to some pics. This could be fun; I've got some things I don't know what they are used for too . Well, it's sunny & I'm going out to cut the lawn-all 3 acres before it gets too long or rains again. Have a good day. KA

-- Kathy Aldridge (, May 20, 2002.

If what i was told is true those odd shaped wrenchs came from the factory in tool kits with different tracters as well as some vehicles. I have had some stamped with IH and FoMoCo. some are the oddest looking things that must fit some hard to reach place.

-- Mike in KS (, May 22, 2002.

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