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I always enter the forums by first going to then clicking on Lusenet.

I have read, ( so many times) the admonition regarding changes to the Lusenet format. Posted some months ago I might add.

No where, have I ever seen any mention that Greenspun will close down Lusenet, yet I have seen so many posters comment that these forums will "soon be gone". I have seen it mentioned that some thought was being given to various changes on Lusenet. . .but never ending the format.

So, the question is, why do so many have the opinion Lusenet would close? Where did that notion originate? If it isn't true, why was it perpetuated?

-- Granny Hen (cluckin, May 19, 2002


LUSENT isnt closing,, thoigh I was old by Phillip that they will be upgradeing. HAs anyone noticed the the forums havnt gone down sine "the move"? chuck was one of the persons that was saying it was closing, and how everyone is sick and tired of the forum being down. LOL<
-- Stan (, May 19, 2002.

was supposed to have,,,,,,,LOL,,,,, and his site has been down alot

-- Stan (, May 19, 2002.

"I'm currently trying to figure out how to redesign these services so that users are authenticated, e.g., before posting they have to register and respond to an email message (we won't know who they are but at least we'll know that they supplied an email address where they can receive mail) a person is available to handle service inquiries a programmer is available to provide enhancements based on user needs the site is financially self-sustaining, i.e., either the owners of bboards or the most active posters are contributing to the costs of sysadmin, programming, hosting/bandwidth, and customer service When these services were built in the mid-1990s it made a lot of sense. Running a database-backed Web server was an esoteric art that required expensive hardware and proprietary software. But as we enter the year 2002 there are quite a few 14-year-olds who've set up Linux, Postgres, and OpenACS in less than one day. With a $500 PC and a DSL line, they end up having all the collaboration tools that dotcoms spent $10 million to construct. Bottom line: prepare for some changes to these services!

Philip Greenspun, December 6, 2001"

-- xxx (, May 20, 2002.

I had personally been in contact with Mr. Greenspun since I had a forum on Lusnet and read the above post and also heard the rumors. I decided to get it straight from the horses mouth.

Mr. Greenspun responded to me (at that time) that his plans were to abandon Lusent because of other interests and that the system was failing as it got older and the large number of posts were also using it up.

Most recently (not long before I moved my forum), I emailed Mr. Greenspun again on another matter. He stated he has decided at some point to update the equipment and continue Lusenet; however, it would be "sometime soon - perhaps in the summer?" and he would then start charging some type of fee for its use - but would not give any indication of how much that would be, despite my asking. (Guess he has to pay for his new equipment somehow, can't blame the guy!)

Either way, it seemed to me like it was time to pull out and get to a stable site. The opportunity occured with Chuck (and we could move in for free) so I jumped at it.

-- Karen (, May 21, 2002.

to be honest, so far has been just about as unstable as Lusenet was.

Like for the past hour or so, it's been unreachable.

I see more trolling, flamebaiting and lewd posts on the new site than the old one on Countryside.

Not that it isn't a nice site.

-- Dave (, May 27, 2002.

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