BK and something in my burger

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I have a question regarding a shaq burger from BK. I began eating my burger at home and as I was about to finish, I pulled out some rubbery thing that was yellow/orange in color. I put the thing in a bag and noticed that when I squeeze the thing, white pus comes out. Now i want to know what the heck this thing is and how much of it I ate before I found it. Any suggestions on what to do?

-- Houman E. (whoman101@aol.com), May 19, 2002


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-- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (srinivas1st@netscape.net), July 04, 2002.

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-- felatio shit sniffer (poopistasty@thetoilet.com), July 11, 2002.

become a vegetarian

-- Ben (cortes0505@yahoo.com), July 14, 2002.

It's a bandage you fool... I hope you brought it back. While your at it, get checked for hep and AIDS.. not being paranouid dude, but that's some sick shit. You probably didn't eat any of, but I hope you didn't have to pull it out of your mouth.

-- Van Deraus (auslander1@yahoo.com), July 22, 2002.

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-- coco (whoman101@aol.con), August 14, 2002.

Good Gawd, what an idiot; seek help. But thanks, sadly, that made my day

-- Mr. BK (springtimes9@earthlink.net), April 29, 2003.


Daily Islam

-- Your Full Name (Your Email Address@greenspun.com), May 13, 2003.

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