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I am a broker of some 20 years experience.I have been repossessed duirng the recession.I am keeper and poacher both.I deal exclusivley in difficult cases.(one client had 17000 arrerars.Sorry if i don't make a profit i go out of business and can't help.However advice is free andcandid.I have recently been buying properties for people being repo 'd and rent back to them ,They have abuy back clause.It dos'nt work for all.Lenders are now doing no lender or income references up to 855 of the value.It's not pretty I know but does the job and can you really expect high street rates?would you lend to you? be honest.However 12 months later your back on the high st.Ask or don't ask I don't mind but please i try to answer problems,sorry if the answer is not honeyed,but it will be truthful.I don't need any sancamonious clap trap about profit from problems.I don't make what the b/soc and solicitors make if it goes to the wall.

-- roger watts (, May 19, 2002

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