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I'm semi entertaining the idea of taking a many hundreds of miles ride. I can take the R1, which I know will make it back trouble free, or I can take the MV. My bike has run very good in the 750 or so miles I've ridden it since it was new.

Any comments?

-- Andy Ruhl (, May 19, 2002


Hi Andy,

try the F4. It is not so comfortable like the R1 but it is the better choice. The bike before my F4 was a XX 1100. In 2 1/2 year I drove 7.400 kms. In the last 18 months I owe the F4 we did 14.500 kms. I think this tells everything. Daily distances of 500 or 700 kms will be no problem. In 5 weeks I´m going for 4 days to a 1500 km-trip. In september I will visit again the MV-meeting in Italy (one way 550 kms). Up to now I had no problems. So, take the real motorbike!

-- André (, May 19, 2002.


Well, that was reassuring. But yes, the MV can be taken a couple of hour miles, but it really depends on how reliable your specific model feels.

Last September, I took the MV (the 2000 model) from Phoenix to September and had no problems. Left around 2:00 p.m. and drove through the 105 temperatures and the bike stayed within the 190 to 205 range. Actually, the MV performed beautifully on the trip and actually started to cool off at speeds over 90mph.

To be honest, prior to the trip, I was also a bit concerned about the MV's reliability, as I had some stalling issues and had heard rumors of oil leaks. However, since I had stalling problems have been fixed and I had no further problems, I took the MV on the trip and really enjoyed it. The MV feels alive at highway speeds.

I have yet to take the 2002 on such a drive but found that the low- fuel light comes on at 170 miles. So if I were to do another Phoenix to L.A. run, I'd fill up about 140 miles (which is about 2 hours at 70 - 80mph and about the time I start to feel I need a break).

My opinion, go for it! If you want comfort, take a plane but the MV on sports touring duty is an experience....sort of a bonding experience. Good luck and God speed. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (, May 19, 2002.

".....Phoenix to September and had no problems" Sorry, that should have said, Phoenix to Los Angeles.

It's 420 miles from my place in Gilbert, AZ to Glendale, CA. In cooler temperatures, takes about 6 hours with 3 stops. In hot temps, it takes about 5 stops and 7 hours. It's an enduro marathon that's painful, but very fun.

-- Allan Gibbs (, May 19, 2002.

I've done 1,050km's in one day on my 2001 1+1 and had no problems what so ever. Am now planning a 2,000km weekend in September followed by a 2,500km weekend in October.

I also commute every day on my MV (about 40km round trip).

-- Matt Thompson (, May 20, 2002.

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