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Recently, I saw an old postcard of Webb's City, a 1950's era department store in St. Petersburg. The actual boundaries of the store were 1st AV. S. on it's north side; 2nd AV. S. on it's south side and it was between 8th and 9th Streets on the east and west. In the postcard, you could see of course the Webb's building, then across 2nd AV. S. was a long depot looking building. Continuing southward past the depot there were tracks to the south of the depot but there appeared to be no tracks between 2nd AV. S. and the north side of the depot. I know that the ACL passenger depot was further downtown (east) from this location and I'm thinking that this depot would be ACL but am not sure. I of course cannot upload the postcard here but if it is still online I will attempt to copy it and save it to send to anyone who would wish to see it. If you can help me I'd appreciate it and also, I am still looking for any information regarding Lealman (Lellman) Station. I live in Lealman and am trying to piece together the history of the place.


-- Fred Harriman (, May 19, 2002


If the shot is from the south side of Webb' shows the SAL passenger station (photos are very rare)....SAL station was on 2nd Ave., South and 8th street. The SAL freight depot if off 20th street....farther north....(and West)

The ACL depot would not be visualized from this it was 6 blocks farther east and one block north on 1st ave south....

Ted Strickland St. Pete, FL

-- Ted Strickland (, May 19, 2002.

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