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Can you please let me know where I can find out where all the mtb races in Malaysia or Singapore are?

Thanks, EV

-- Evelyn (, May 19, 2002

Answers is a good place to start for races in Singapore. The SRAM/Subaru series organised by the Singapore Amateur Cycling Association is to be held on 15-16 June.

A very active Singapore-based mtb portal is Lots of useful information, once you get past the techno-babble.

mtbAsia has all sorts of good info. The Borneo Mountainbike Fest, organised by the chaps who run the mtb portal, will be held on 7-8 June.

QuickRelease is a new Malaysian outfit organising the Powerman Duathalons. I have a sneaking suspicion that you know about them already :-) But it's not clear from the website whether these will be OFFROAD biathlons (yay!) or merely a triathlon for land-lubbers (hisss!).

Look out for other information at the bike shops, as the races in the Kl area tend to be organised at short notice and with little promotion.

HTH, Joe

-- Joe (, May 23, 2002. - This is a link to the Malaysian National Cycling Federation. Adios!

-- Jay (, May 26, 2002.

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