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Has anyone got any experience of the way this Bank have handled there reposessions?

-- Ms Gill (, May 18, 2002


I have experience of an RBS reposession.Despite contacting the bank as soon as I knew I would have difficulty with the mortgage,and prior to arrears starting,the process was very long winded,and on several occassions,information I was given on the phone was then contradicted later in writing. Eventually the reposession went through,and the house was put on the open market for 4 weeks,then sold at auction forapprox 60% of the value of properties in the street,which were for sale at the time. I am often contacted by solicitors in Leeds asking for I&E details,they often send postcards,saying someone will call to see me,and to telephone to arrange a time,which I don't. From initial contact to RBS from myself to reposession took 12 months. Best of luck and contact me if you need to. Glen

-- Glen Jones (, May 25, 2002.

Are these solicitors Addleshaw Booth in Leeds?

The reason I askis that the RBS told me that they were going to pass it onto the solicitors, and then 4 weeks later told me that it was their mistake and that it shuld have gone to the debt collectors, Unidebt.

-- B Gill (, May 25, 2002.

Yes it was Addleshaw Booth,they have been asking for details for 4 years now,threaten to visit,ask for more information. Ironically everytime they contact me I am between contracts,so simply return the I&E form stating "no income".They go quiet for several months,then get in touch three times in a week! Can't help with Unidebt i'm afraid,but it might be useful to me later. Cheers, Glen

-- glen jones (, May 26, 2002.

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