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Hi, everybody. I wanted to tell you about a pretty nifty thing that I discovered the other day: I found an old family photo (my mother's side of the clan) from August, 1936, two years before mom was born. In the picture, my grandfather and his various relatives are sitting on a set of porch steps, looking at the camera which is to their right. I have no clue as to who took the picture, or what type of camera took that picture, but I do know - now - one reason why I'm so interested in Brownies! It runs in the family! In the picture, the only person standing is my great-grandfather. He's facing the camera squarely, and in his hands is a box Brownie! I guess he was taking a picture of the photographer. It appears to be a No. 2A, because it is light-colored and tall - it may have been one covered in colored leatherette. I recall now that my great-grandfather was quite the shutterbug, too; his son (my grandfather) once showed me lots of pictures from road trips they'd taken when he was a boy. Almost everybody in the picture is dead now, so this photo is a treasured keepsake for me, moreso because of what Great-Grandpa is holding!

-- Pete Lutz (, May 17, 2002

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