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Does anyone have sites for making things out of PVC, I am particularly interest in making small structures like sheds and sheep houses, etc. I like chicken tractor idea as mine is out of 2x4's and quite heavy to move around. I also use it for trellises, a greenhouse, and shelving. Do any of you have any other ideas yoou are willing to share? Thank you and have a pleasant day. Regards,

-- jonathan (, May 16, 2002


yes I sure do! even sent pictures of it! but alas it all came back.

if you want pictures of a goat milking stanchion I have them.

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-- westbrook (, May 21, 2002.

yes indeed, I am interested in knowing more, the reason it was sent back was I misspelled my email address. Sorry about that, the correct on is

-- jonathan (, May 23, 2002.

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