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looking for schematics for a shephard residential elev. and someone that would have parts -interlocks,accordion gates. I service residential lifts in ca. and run in to these oldies all the time. also dover home lift interlocks ,beaks ,gates. looks like same equip as the shephard. mfg maybe 55-60?

-- steve simpronio (, May 16, 2002


Shepard-Warner Elevator Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio was purchased in about 1959 by Dover Corporation, parent company of Rotary Lift, among others. Ultimately, the SHEPARD and ROTARY names were dropped and the DOVER name was applied to all elevator products.

DOVER ELEVATOR, as you probably know, was purchased from Dover Corp. by Thyssen (now ThyssenKrupp).

They would be the primary source of information and parts, I assume. (601)393-2110.

-- John Brannon (, May 16, 2002.

Where are you?

I have lots of parts for shepherd here.

I can send if economic.

-- richard (, November 08, 2004.

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