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Looking for an experienced Massage Therapist to work in a multi-disciplinary multi-practice setting (Exercise, Physio, Nutrition)in Wollongong. Should have Remedial, Therapeutic and preferably Sports massage experience. For details please phone AMT Head Office on 9517 9925

-- Melanie Elsey (, May 16, 2002


I have been a massage therapist in galati, Romania for 4 years. I'm experienced in swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, neuromuscular massage, yumeiho, reflexology. I utilise , aromatherapy and music therapy in my sessions. I am also experienced in anticellulitic massage, I have worked as kinetho-therapist, for gyms and done mobile massage. Because the massage therapy is first a passion, then a job, Iím very interested to study and to improve my skills regarding the massage therapy. I have a great casuistic, especially in the geriatric domain. I have demands from manny people Iím using many alternative methods to help them to improve their condition.

-- marius-virgil decuseara (, February 06, 2003.

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