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I went by my dealer today and was telling him about my brake trouble. He wanted me to bring it around back to work on it a bit, which I did even though it made me late returning from lunch.

Anyway, he bled both calipers and a big bubble came out the left caliper. He also worked the pads (and thereby pistons) back and forth a bit. The end result is I don't have that initial bite problem like I had before. The brakes are rock solid and stop well. If anyone else thinks they may have problems, have your dealer bleed them. There may be some residual air from the service update. Apparently these calipers may be difficult to bleed.

That said, I think I still need new pads. I want that instant on, one finger and the wheel locks up type of power I get with my R1. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

-- Andy Ruhl (, May 16, 2002

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