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I am finding it very difficult to find properties within the LEEDS area! Could you please give me any contact names or numbers where I might beable find out information about properties for sale within this area which have previously been repossessed?

It would be very much appretiated if you could provide me with any of the above information!

Many thanks

-- Nicola Wormald (, May 16, 2002



Ouch! This is not the place to ask for that kind of info, this is for people who have been unfortunate enough to have their properties repossessed, please show a bit of compassion.


PS This will be the nicest reply you'll receive!

-- Julie (, May 17, 2002.

Yes not nice at all lets hope it's not you or yours one day.however on the other side if the properties are not sold quickly then it creates a bigger dbt for the repossessed.Try Pugh and co in the North,but pleasee don't come back here without humility.

-- roger watts (, May 19, 2002.

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