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I am using Pyro(PMK) wiht HP5+ and Ilford MGIV and an aristo cold light. Since switching to the cold light there has been a noticable drop in the contrast of my prints often requiring me to use at least a #4 filter I am already processing my films at 16min@70deg and hesitate togo higher. Is this just the way it is with a cold light and MGIV or am I doing something wrong?

-- ronald J Lamarsh (, May 16, 2002


This is opposite to my experience. I found that the aristo head gave me harder prints with the Agfa paper that I use. The head I have has the older V45 tube that requires a yellow or green filter to reduce the blue to match an incandescent source when used with VC papers.

Do you have the same tube or one of the newer V54 tubes that doesn't require a balancing filter? In any event, if it's not the negatives, you might have to balance the light the other way and increase the relative blue output.



-- Duane K (, May 16, 2002.

After recently switching to an Aristo cold light w/V54 tube from a condensor light I've had to increase my developing times by about 30 percent or so to get the same contrast w/#2 print filter. At first I looked at my negs and thought no! they'll never print! but without increased development I'm up to about a grade 3-3 1/2 filter.

-- Andy (, May 17, 2002.

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