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I'm wondering what the collective wisdom thinks of the old Seal 200 Commercial dry mount press for flattening my LF prints and mounting my fiber-based 16x20 prints for exhibition. I just got ebayed by one(non-working but looks complete) for $104.I've been told that parts are still available and it dosen't seem like it would be all that difficult to repair. Am I too much of an optomist? Any quirks particular to this machine I should watch for? (like electrocution?) Thanks!

-- John Kasaian (, May 15, 2002


John -

As someone pointed out, a dry mount press is basically a giant waffle iron...not much to go wrong. If it doesn't work, it's because the heating element or the thermostat is broken.

Hunt Corporation still sells theremostats for the Model 200 (I know this because I have one). Call 888-240-6021 ext. 5304 and ask for Wendy. She'll fix you up.

-- Kevin Bourque (, May 16, 2002.

John: The biggest danger is blowing out your back when you pick it up. These last forever. That are, literally, just like a one sided waffle iron electrically and just about any appliance repair shop can handle this. Assuming you are reasonably familiar with electrical appliances and precautions to take, you can probably fix it yourself. If it were me, I'd proceed as follows: (1) Unit unplugged, does the switch work? Most likely thing to go bad is probably the switch. You need an continuity tester, an ohm meter or just a light bulb and a battery (2) Does power get through the thermostat? Check this unplugged as well (3)Still unplugged, is there continuity in the heating coil? This could have oxidized and broken. I think all these parts are still available, and since flat is still flat and heat is still heat, you should be able to fix it fairly cheaply and it should work as well as the day it was made. Good luck. If you're not comfortable with fixing it yourself, take it somewhere, this won't take a pro much time at all.

-- Kevin Crisp (, May 16, 2002.

Thanks for all the great advice! From the responses it sounds like I can make the repairs myself. Thanks especially to Kevin who e-mailed the Seal troubleshooting guide. This forum is the best!

-- John Kasaian (, May 16, 2002.

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