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I'm having trouble finding a recipe for a really nutritious, creamed or pureed, cold soup. Does anyone have any ideas, or a recipe they could post?

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, May 15, 2002


I don't have any recipes per se, but in this week's Washington Post Wednesday Food section, there was an article about soups. should take you to it, if you look within the next 12 days. The woman's website, mentioned in the article, is and you can even sign up for her e-mail newsletter.

THe only good AND nutritious cold soups I know of are gazpacho and one I get at Indian restaurants, based with cucumber and yogurt. Invite me over!!--I'll help ya taste-test anything! :):)

-- Nancy Millman (, May 17, 2002.

Pay dirt! There are a number of possibilities for a nutritious and cold pureed soup at this site you found, Nancy. And it's a fascinating and fun site, too, with all of the soup trivia, soup jokes, etc. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely bookmarking "soupsong."

I have been wondering, since I started looking at recipes for cold soups, just what qualifies as a "soup"? Some of the recipes I've found sound a lot like fruit smoothies. On the Ensure site, there's a recipe for a chilled raspberry soup that seems an awful lot like the Ensure fruit shake concoctions, except that it's served in a bowl, rather than a glass. But the weirdest, most adventuresome cold soup recipe I've seen has to be the "Lime-Cucumber Soup With a Kick" on the soupsong Web site and in the Washington Post article about the woman who has that site. Looks like it would be fun to serve as a prelude to Mexican food, if you like tequila.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, May 18, 2002.

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