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Anyone have a copy of the Otis 10NIBL controller print? Vintage is approximately mid to late 50's. This car came with an O type operator. I tried to get this through my Otis buddies without success,Phila. Otis office doesnt even have a copy. I dont think this was a controller in production for too long. I'll be glad to pay for any copy and postage $$ for this(ill just put it in with Co.expenses), or maybe you can scan it and email. Thanks, Jim(local#5)

-- Jim-IUEC (, May 15, 2002


I believe we might have these in our old files.

-- Ed Markham (, July 29, 2002.

Ed, That would be great if i could get a copy of that print. Its not a large controller but as you probably know,trouble-shooting with out a print is a real pain. Could you check to see if you have it for sure. If so let me know and i'll be glad to compensate you for your time and postage(i'll just put it into the Co. as expenses). Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Jim Owens-IUEC, Local #5 -Philadelphia

-- Jim-IUEC (, July 30, 2002.



-- DOCTOR (DARKAA@AOL.COM), March 04, 2003.

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