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I have two servers . Primary is DB4 & Secondary is DB1 . There is transactional replication berween DB4 & DB1 . This includes one article called dps_demographics . I am replicating few columns only . There is no error in history , nor in errorlog , but replication is not taking place . If i update some record on DB4 it is not replicating in DB1 . In subscription history is just say 'No replicated transactions are available' .

Please help me.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002



You could double check by using sp_replcounters to look at the performance of replication.

You could also try the following diagnostic approach:

1) Stop the logreader agent. 2) Open up a query analyzer connection to the Publsiher server and change the database context to the publishing db. 3) Make a change in one of the publishing tables 4) Run the following command: sp_replshowcmds 5) If the above statement returns 0 rows, then it is likely that replication is not setup properly. If it does return some records, please try the following a) Run sp_replflush in the above query window - This releases the transaction log from this connection so that the logreader can scan it when it starts. b) Right click on the logreader agent and go to Agent Properties - >Steps tab ->Double click on the run agent step and add the following at the very end of the command window -output C:\logreader.txt -outputverboselevel 3 c) Restart the logreader agent d)Step b would create the file on the distributor server. Please take a look at that file to see if there are any other errors which might be causing problems with your replication.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

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